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Social media and how it relates to search rank has been a bit of a muddy subject. Although social media marketing may not directly impact search results, it is undeniable that your social media presence can help you rank higher in searches. In this post I'll review a few tactics that can help you i Read More
Facebook can be a tricky network when it comes to getting reach and interaction from your audience, but these simple tweaks can help you get a little more engagement from your existing Facebook page audience. Read More
The end of the year means holiday after holiday, and an opportunity for your brand to give your fans a little surprise and delight while creating more reach and visibility for yourself. You still have time to set up a holiday social media campaign! Here are 6 social media holiday campaigns you can Read More
Part of building up your audience is getting people to engage with and share your content. This means spending time creating content that resonates with your network and entices them to share. In this post I'll go over some simple tactics to help you increase your social media shares. Read More
The update Twitter users have longed for is finally here! Images and links at the end of tweets will no longer take up any of your precious 140 characters. YAY! This opens doors for much more in depth communication on the social media network. The 140 character update did not come alone, and in th Read More
Building up a strong, engaged social media following can be difficult. You only have mere moments - a scroll - to attract someone to a post, have them hang out on your profile and convince them to hit the follow or like button! There are so many factors that can contribute to wether or not someone Read More
Twitter is an excellent network for building brands and getting quick wins in your social media efforts. You can share and curate content to add value to your followers - establishing credibility within your industry and become a go to resource for your followers. As with all social media marketing Read More
Don't get sued for something you posted on social media! In this post I'll detail some really basic social media legal issues that can be easily avoided. Read More
One tactic to building a strong visual presence on social media (without spending a fortune on production) is to curate your feed by reposting content created by other users - but this is where it can get tricky. In this post I'll review repost etiquette and teach you the basics on properly sharing Read More
Twitter can be a very useful tool when it comes to building a foundation for your business' online presence. The network is focused on real time engagement and conversations - which are priceless when it comes to targeting the right people.We've already discussed how to improve the performance of y Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!