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Client attraction, ideal clients, target market, target audience – no wonder we can be confused and unsure about the activity we should be engaged in to get new clients. Do you find yourself trying to figure out what you should do first? Where you should start? Do you feel a sense of overwhelm when Read More
We all have favorites when it comes to who we follow on social media. Have you ever asked yourself why one person lures you in more than the next? It’s because they have a way of creating engagement with you by the things that they do.

See top picks from our panel of experts, and please share yo Read More
Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Jasbina Ahluwahlia, Founder of IntersectionsMatch.com and MyiMatch.com, who shared her best strategies for how women can stand tall and differentiate themselves from their competition.

Jasbina, having a wealth of experience in her industry, Read More
Many might admit to external rewards like money, recognition, status, or power. But for the heart-centered leader, the one I’ve been describing for the past few weeks, the fourth virtue of TRUE leadership is an intrinsically motivated Drive.

Just as the other virtues of Selflessness, Courage, an Read More
What is a Call to Action?

A call to action (CTA) is the next step you want your target audience to take to further them in the “buying” process, which is the entire process of lead generation, nurturing and conversion. CTAs will help you drive traffic to you website/blog/social media sites; hel Read More
I am always keeping my eyes open to those who are achieving success by doing special, interesting, and innovative things in business so that I can not only test the best in my own, but also share my discoveries with you. So last week I began my search was focused on email newsletters that have caug Read More
Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Jen Lilienstein, Founder of Kidzmet.com, who shared her best strategies for how solo entrepreneurs can avoid feeling as though they are in isolation working alone with specific strategies on how to reach out on and offline in their networking. Read More
In the prior two posts, I presented what I consider to be two of four main virtues of TRUE leadership — meaning leading from within — the first being Selflessness, and the second, Courage. The third, and equally powerful virtue, is your ability to lead with Integrity.

More important than focusin Read More

Leaders Seek Cooperation

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Anne Montague, Founder and Executive Director of Thanks, Plain and Simple, Inc., points out that “cooperation and teamwork are not exactly the same.” She explains, “I’ve learned to look closely at these two words and how they differ. Early in the development of new projects, programs and processe Read More
Starting a business and nurturing it to a point of sustainability is often a tough, long road despite the “get rich quick stories” you often hear. There are hills and valleys, feasts and times of famine.

We all desire to achieve that position, where we are serving those we’ve worked so hard to r Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!