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As I hope you are beginning to realize, you have a tremendous amount of internal power to leverage in life and business, to achieve the results you most desire. A key component to that success is focus. In Part One of this series, we covered the power behind focus. And in Part Two, I wanted to clar Read More
When I first started my own business, I prepared myself for what I expected to be a somewhat lonely endeavor. As every survey ever done on women entrepreneurs has demonstrated, isolation is the most
serious issue women entrepreneurs face in their business. Interestingly, women tend to be natural n Read More
Your business plan for the New Year was probably set long before the end of 2011. And having a sound action plan is essential to growing and sustaining your business. Annual business plans typically have a lot of moving parts, but for this post was interested in what entrepreneurs are most excited Read More
Last week I began a four-part series to teach you how to develop the Fine Art of Business Focus, and starting with the Power of Focus, pointed out the four major benefits to laser focusing your attention in business. Today, I continue this series with a lesson on Where to Direct Your Focus for maxi Read More
Do you sabotage yourself? Think about this: Isn't planning too much and over-extending, a form of self-sabotage? As an entrepreneur, you are interested in many different areas but if you continue over-committing, you will hurt your business and your health.

Do you over-commit, because each pret Read More
Whether you are faced with a task beyond your scope of expertise, or simply need to free up more time to focus on business growth, as a solo entrepreneur, outsourcing is a necessity in business. Last week I asked our panel of experts what their experience has been with outsourcing in their business Read More
Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Michelle Salater, President of Súmer LLC, who shared her best strategies for clarifying and strengthening your marketing message by effectively telling your story.

Learn the elements Michelle recommends you incorporate to create a unique and Read More
Think for a moment about all the sources of information around you that vie for your visual, mental, emotional, and physical attention. You are fielding multiple stimuli on an ongoing basis. It’s no wonder that you are easily distracted, and find it difficult to focus sometimes.

And within the r Read More
If you have ever taken a yoga class, your practice most likely has ended with the word Namaste. The Western world has translated this ancient Sanskrit word to mean, “The good in me sees the good in you.”

How might you translate this connection of inner goodness once you hop onto a social media c Read More
An elevator pitch is a necessity in any networking scenario, whether you are speaking to a prospect or potential partner by phone or face-to-face.

You’ve got about 10 seconds to make a lasting impression and therefore, want to bring your “A” game. Crafting an elevator pitch that grabs someone’s Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!