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Anyone who deals with customer relationships knows we are missing out on valuable customer information and insight if we don’t integrate our non digital and digital data.Why is integrating digital and non-digital customer data so daunting? Read More
Not surprisingly, top initiatives among marketers include increasing loyalty (91%), increasing long-term engagement (77%), and maximizing customer relationships (72%).

But what was surprising… the majority of marketers were more inclined to adopt basic strategies to achieve customer retention ov Read More
A Press Release can also get the attention of the media, reporters, buyers, investors and even clients. When done right, it’s a worthwhile strategy for small businesses. Read More
If you’ve been going around and round, riding the hamster wheel and not achieving your business goals, it could be that your Marketing sucks. Here are 8 tell-tale signs. Read More
Are you a coach or consultant who is baffled about what to Post for your customers and Target Audience on Facebook? Fortune Marketing gives you 19 days worth of ideas for posts. Follow this and you'll have a Facebook Marketing Strategy! Read More
Marketing can seem overwhelming and overly expensive when you’re just starting – or bootstrapping- a business. Sure, there are plenty of ways you can spend a fortune on Marketing – but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get exposure and attract clients.

Here are 22 ways you can market yo Read More
There are a ton of marketing consultants out there who will tell you want you want to hear to get your business. Here’s a list of 11 things to watch for when interviewing marketing consultants: Read More
Staying connected to your customers in ways that attract and engage them is the key to getting more referrals and repeat business. But in today’s noisy, cluttered world how do small businesses stay connected? And an even more challenging question is, what do customers want from us? Read More

Sample Social Media Plan for Small Business

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If you think you don't have time for social media marketing check out this easy to follow sample 7 day social media marketing plan that you can do in less than an hour a week. Read More
Are you frustrated with marketing your small business? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working? Before you give up on marketing completely consider these 3 shocking, but true reasons your marketing isn’t working Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!