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Whether you're hosting a business meeting or an event more personal, these tips can be quite valuable. Read More
Great tips for preparing your employees for face to face meetings with clients and partners.

This can be used for presentations on human resources or for building up an employee's potential or self development. Read More
Great tips for in person meetings for entrepreneurs just getting into business meet ups.

Read More
The Great Recession has played a major role in drooping sales for many small businesses, forcing many incorporations to consider dissolution or even bankruptcy. According to experts, however, the economy is on the rebound and, although some companies may still be in the hot seat, there are steps th Read More
Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on support from the public, other businesses and grant-giving agencies in order to survive. One way to increase the charitableness, and hence the number of donations, from these groups is to improve your public image. Read More
Your investor needs to be invested emotionally, not just monetarily in your business. Read this article to learn more. Read More
There may come a time when the partners involved in an incorporation deem it necessary to force one of the other partners out. Perhaps the other person is not pulling their weight, not communicative or simply just not getting the job done.

However, sometimes this situation can be averted from th Read More
One of the biggest decisions in starting a business is whether to start as an LLC or S Corp. The difference in an S corp is that owners pay themselves a salary and receive dividends and additional profits. In an LLC all income and expenses are reported on the LLC operator's personal income tax retu Read More
it helps to have a business lawyer on your side when launching a business than during a legal-crisis down the line. Business lawyers can help with basic zoning compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability. Read More
Sometimes businesses function better when they team up with others. After all, every business has shortcomings that can be solved with help from another business. What do you think about joint ventures? Read this article! Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!