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Every industry in terms of business is crowded at the minute. We are raising people who are so determined to become an entrepreneur today. Actually becoming one is now harder than it has ever been before.

Someone is already doing what you want to do, and it just becomes so difficult for you to t Read More
Whether your business is based online, with no kind of real-world outlet, or a brick and mortar store or business is your primary source of income, with an online presence to support it and help it to grow, your website is a crucial element to your business.

Even the smallest of businesses today Read More
How do you prove the value in your ROI and measure the impact of marketing on a business? It’s the eternal quest for marketeers today.
But content marketing can provide the missing connection when done right.
Measuring the success of what you’re doing is key, and aligning your content marketing Read More
Remember Instagram Video Marketing in 2013? In case you don’t, videos back then were capped at a mere 15 seconds. Boring!

Fast-forward to 2019 and brands are now allowed to roll out epic 60-second videos.

Not just this, but Instagram introduced IGTV last year, too. All these sweeping changes Read More
When you own a business, you’ll know exactly how important first impressions are. And for modern businesses, your website is the cover that people will judge you buy.

Your website can be a lot of things for your business. It can be an information portal, a shop, or a showcase of your best work. Read More
Frequently, I am asked this question –”Why should I join Instagram for Business? I don’t know what it is or how to use it. Why do I need Instagram? I have a Facebook page, isn’t everyone on Facebook?” (In the past 2 years Facebook has lost 15 million users!)

“How much time will I need to spend Read More
Customers have lost trust more often than ever before. Think about your approach to other businesses. If you couldn’t trust them, for whatever reason, would you risk handing over your cash to them? We are assuming the answer is probably no.

Because let’s face it, if the business in question had Read More

5 Bright Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Company

5 Bright Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Company - Avatar Posted by Inspiretothrive under Marketing
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It does not matter how good your product is or how brilliant your website is if no one ever sees them. If you do not want to be one of the statistics of fails in the first five years of business, you need to generate leads. Leads that will convert into customers.
The more leads you get the more sa Read More
Running your own social media agency is tough, especially if you're a new startup. You need to balance your time so you can serve existing clients and pitch to new ones.

How do you prioritize your time, and, if you’re managing a team, make sure they’re working as effectively as possible?

Who Read More
As the leader of your business, you are responsible for keeping the entire organization, from the finances to the personality, and everything in-between, above board. This is quite a lot of pressure for anyone.

And now, as the contemporary companies need to operate within certain parameters, but Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!