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After the half-year mark around July 1st or so, our thoughts turned back to Canadian citations…and we were a bit surprised to learn that our own working master Canadian citation list has changed somewhat so we thought we’d update that list right here!

First, let us begin with the best of all original lists for Canadian citations, from David Mihm the well-known and respected LOCAL SEO expert, which can still be found here…. Read More
SOPHOs rocks in our world! Yes, this is an un-adulterated review of one of the best, leading-edge safe browsing software companies out there!

Yes, they are in the business of providing anti-virus, security software and data protection…it’s a commercial business that we found years ago from RackSpace our data center (voted best in NA and I’ll talk about their fanatical support at another time, eh!) — but what I like about SOPHOs is more — much more than that, eh! Read More
It appears to us, that after reading a PEW Internet study on Reputation Management and Social Media that there just might be something to be said for who uses their real ID online — and who doesn’t, eh Read More
Yes, Facebook is now facing legal suits over it’s privacy issues! A Toronto based lawfirm, known for previous suits over breast implants and chocolate makers, has just launched a new class action lawsuit against Facebook, where they’ve alleged that Facebook has mishanded sensitive user data–the latest development in a resurgence of action against the social network’s privacy policies Read More
Yes, the long awaited report on search marketing for 2011 is now up and available!

This report is one of the ways in which MarketingSherpa tracks the latest trends in search marketing from over 2000+ agencies, companys and business owners to offer up insights and knowledge on what works! Read More
Well, I’m back from a two day quick trip to Cleveland and attending the #LocalU SEO Conference there offered up by David Mihm’s leadership over at getlisted.org! And what a trip it was, both the first-time drive to Cleveland on I-90 and the Conference itself.

You have to remember, that unless you do attend Conferences or Seminars in person, your whole on-line friendships will never ever be as “big” as they can be — hence the chance to attend this Google Places/LOCAL Conference was high on our list to meet online friends in person! And we met a superb bunch of SEO types at the Conference itself as well as later over happy hour too! Read More
So, Chitika, the folks who do some pretty amazing research, have just published a new report, that shows that three word phrases work best for SEO!

That is, for any search engine statistical numerical comparison, three word phrases drive more traffic to a website than any other number of words in the search phrase! And that is very very encouraging for us SEO practitioners, eh! How’s that? Well, let’s take a look/see at their report numbers… Read More
Okay, you’re most likely wondering what I’m referring to via the title of this short Monday am post, and here’ s the skinny. First, I usually hate adding anything 3rd party to apps, to change the planned/designed user experience value. That is, I’d rather have to think and click, than use an add-on to “add” value to a website or desktop application Read More
Well, as a nice way to start this am morning reading of my hundred or so usual overnight emails — I see that there is one from AllTOP, the Guy Kawasaki news aggregator that offers up the latest news, all aggregated for your own reading pleasure. Basically, it’s like having a set of URLs that you click on, hundreds of those URLs that provide the title of each story, and a rollover with more info to allow you to decide if you want to read same Read More
I’m checking our analytics for our client roster for the past month yesterday, and I’ve noticed — as I’m sure others have — that a Company Profile setup on LinkedIN brings traffic! This may not be “new” in the sense that LinkedIN has been around now for a few years, but what is “new” is the tactic of getting your own website Company pages up and running Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!