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Information networks are changing so rapidly that the way we think of social media could be vastly different in just a few years. In the next three years alone spending on social media marketing will skyrocket in the B2B space from $11 million in 2009 to $54 million by 2014. Will you be able to cap Read More
Many companies make the mistake of treating QR Codes like regular URLs. Treat them like super zoom lenses. Read More
"Because we can" isn’t good enough in marketing these days. You need to provide value, or at least a compelling call-to-action. How could Progressive Insurance have been so sloppy with the follow through? Read More
As business owners and marketing folk, do we unwittingly sully our brands when we use trust-challenged social media outlets as the main communication channels with our clients and prospects?
Not yet, perhaps. Read More
What does it mean to you when Google’s lead engineer on the Panda update says “Sites that put more individual care and work into their content” will reap the benefits of the new algorithm because "it's what all users prefer.”? Some thoughts>>> Read More
Study conducted by Beyond Consulting shows that users are 26% more likely to share experiences they had in local shops, rather than big box retailers like Best Buy. Read More
As always, things are changing rapidly in web technology. What tools for web design and marketing are working? Will they work in 2012?
Read More
I'm a guy who knows just enough to fix your Mom’s PC that recently crashed. Like most of you, I wonder what "cloud computing" is. Let’s explore. Read More
TV still seems to be revenue king. TV ad spending in 2011 is expected to reach $60.5 billion, with $28.5 billion expected for internet ad spending. Read More
Is it time for us to pour out a 40 for Flash? Not quite yet, but being able to take advantage of the capabilities that HTML5 has will be a key strategy for developers everywhere. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!