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Do a quick review of all the social media stuff you have read lately. Especially take a close look at stuff supposedly addressed to sales people.

It’s all about social media “marketing.”

We’re “sales” and we work differently. We don’t have all day to generate audiences, run “campaigns,” and attract customers. And chances are if we tried (without some coaching) we would just be driving away prospects Read More

Email as a Form of Cold Calling

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The term “Cold Calling” brings out a visceral reaction in most sales people, to the point where it has become a much bigger debate than it should be. I am especially amused by jokers who sell the promise of “Never Cold Calling Again.”

The Good News... “Cold Calling” doesn’t have to be all phone work! Read More
Want to be more productive?

Put your money where your mouth is!

I’m always in the middle of reading anywhere from 5 to 8 books. One book in particular that I’m enjoying is called.. Read More
I really like these Honda videos.

I picked out a list of my favorite inspirational one liners…

What ideas will you take from this video to help you achieve greatness Read More
by Jill Konrath, Selling to Big Companies & SNAP Selling

This FREE session is being put on by my friend Doyle Slayton, founder of In just two years, he has gone from a no-name sales pro to being widely recognized in his field.

When you attend his upcoming webinar, you'll learn six powerful social media tips to build your business Read More
Getting hung up on is one of the most frustrating things sales people face. I’ll admit, it doesn’t hurt my feelings… unfortunately, it makes me angry! Over the years, I’ve learned to channel that frustration. Here are five techniques to use on prospects who hang up on you.. Read More
Do you ever feel like your business is lost in the ocean of social media?

A few months ago, Brian Smith, Founder of, called me and said, “Doyle, I want to work with you to make an inve Read More
Where are you "headed"?

A couple of years ago, I had this “Sales Taxi” idea pop into my head. It carries a double-meaning... Read More
What do you do?

How do you respond to this question? Do you provide the standard name, position, company response? …or do you reel off a “complex-corporate-techno-speak explanation?” Some people freeze like a child caught with their hand in the bag of Oreos.

I think a lot of people get confused. On one end, I see people who... Read More
Some people think goals are the most important step toward achieving success. Although goals are important, I don’t think they are the “most important” factor. Why? …because many people have goals, but they don’t do anything with them.

The most successful people set goals and then quickly turn their focus toward something more important... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!