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I own a Toyota with a navigation system but have hardly used it since I got a smartphone with Google Maps and Google Navigation. The problem with in-dash navigation is that the maps can only be updated by going to the dealer and paying a hefty fee and that they have to be updated annually.

Smart Read More
How do we sort and make sure our readers get access to our blog posts? Here are some tips to consider by social guru Shashi Bellamkonda. How do you get more page views to your posts? Along with the great efficiencies the internet has created, there have been some downsides. Top among them is the in Read More
You can also choose to send a gift for no particular reason. You can select from a list of categories, including Caffeine, Drinks, Sweet Treats, and Good Grub. Within those categories are specific retailers, including Starbucks, Pete’s Coffee, Chipolte, Shake Shack, Potbelly and others. Listed und Read More
If you're an entrepreneur, you know that things rarely go as planned. Many don't survive the "Valley of Death" stage, when start-ups scramble for funding, resources, and customers, while still trying to get traction for their business idea. And yet some entrepreneurs hit it big and transform a busi Read More
Once feared by corporations, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter now are integral to branding and public relations. The paranoid approach was unsustainable; as the saying goes, you need to fish where the fish are, and customers cluster on these popular platforms. But doing something and do Read More
The theory that even the poorest markets in the world can be revenue generating for companies if they tailored their product and packaging to these markets is considered the “bottom of the pyramid” concept. Read More
During this past spring’s SXSW conference in Austin, Bangalore came up in a conversation with Paul Singh of 500 Startups. At that time, Paul mentioned running an angel investor education series to get more investors into the Indian ecosystem; he also mentioned investing in some startups in India. I Read More
Growing up in India I remember a time before television where advertisements on the radio and those shown before the Bollywood movies in theatres were very exciting. In the 70's and 80's, India was mesmerized by ads like the Liril Soap girl. And even though I never used Lifebuoy (another soap brand Read More
This week the hosts of NPR’s most popular non-news show “Car Talk” Tom and Ray Magliozzi announced in a post on their site “Time to Get Even Lazier” that they would “stop and smell the cappuccino.”. Car Talk has been on the airwaves for over 35 years of which 25 years has been on NPR. The Wall S Read More
With the huge amount of articles we share with our friends and colleagues every day, a way to highlight the main points would make the reading experience much Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!