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Do you spend endless hours searching for WordPress design and development tools online? Stop! Check out my epic list of awesome, and some personal favourites too, tools that will help you enhance your experience with using WordPress to build and develop your website and online brand! Read More
Are you too busy multitasking a hundred things at the same time as a blogger or entrepreneur? Are you making slow or no progress at all? You need to stop and focus on the one thing that matters. Here's how reading The One Thing by Gary Keller, changed my focus on blogging productivity. Read More
I'm often asked how and why did I I get into blogging. Well in this week's post I share with you my story, from absolute desperation to meeting my soul mate, to getting online and finding blogging and online business success. Read More
Do you want to know how you can create powerful infographics without spending a lot of time and money? Check out this post, because if you have a blog with lots of great content, your job is half done. Plus recommended tools and resources for creating beautiful infographics. Read More
In this post I asked 23 top successful bloggers what their most effective methods were for promoting new content, new blog posts on their blogs. Check it out here, learn from the best and start implementing. Read More
In this post you will discover 12 useful and powerful tools to help you create beautiful content. If you're a blogger or marketer with a content marketing in place you'll find these tools very cool and fun to use too. Read More
So you're a blogger, let me ask you something. Do you write content mostly for Google, or do you write for people. Personally I love writing for people and whilst I don't stress too much about keywords and meta tags, I do a little bit of optimising for each post. Here's how you can do the same... Read More
I'm loving these short punchy posts, and today I'm talking about trying to please your crowd, your community. I love serving my audience and being the helpful one, and sharing what's working and what's not working for me in an 'honest' way', but, I can't please everyone... Read More
Here are some very good reasons why I believe that you have no competitors in blogging, none whatsoever, you only have opportunities to make amazing things happen by connecting, making friends with other bloggers in your niche and learning from them... Read More
Are you still thinking about building an email list for your blog? Think about it less and start taking action and build your email list starting today, here are 20 smart list building tips to get you started. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!