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Recently one of my leadership coaching clients and I had a discussion about the dynamics of a DISC assessment and its relationship to company leadership and employee motivation. Read More
Every time I work with leadership coaching clients on their leadership and management training, I emphasize certain leadership tactics that focus upon workforce alignment. Workforce alignment requires that you have the right types of people, in the right places at the right times, doing the right Read More
If you are one of those who is thinking about changing directions in your career you have, as Yogi Berra once said, a choice: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” But which one? Read More
When I’m asked what are the best franchise business opportunities available I have a few questions of my own to ask. I’ve found that this question usually is asked to save the person from doing any work themselves – they want someone else to do the heavy lifting. Sure, it would be easy to prepare Read More
At The Executive Suite we provide our clients several services essential to their success, including leadership coaching and training, human resources consulting, and job placement services. Depending on your business needs at a particular time you may need some or all of these services, but let’s Read More
In my work with small businesses I have developed six of the best hiring practices to improve business performance and workforce development. These "high performance" hiring practices work because they seek to create and support an aligned workforce. As best hiring practices they are part of our Read More
Businesses use job placement firms to save on hiring and benefits costs.. The Executive Suite has been quite active developing placements for a variety of businesses and industry sectors, especially in placing talent for office administration, finance, construction, marketing, medical and legal se Read More
Yes, Google. When you search the keyword “leadership training” there are 328,000,000 results returned in 1 second. So, Google can teach you a lot about leadership training, meaning, there are lots of results to choose from. You’ll need a lot of time to sort through them, so let’s see if I can mak Read More

The 5 Best Things About Franchise Ownership

The 5 Best Things About Franchise Ownership - http://www.theexecutivesuite.com Avatar Posted by Warren Rutherford under Franchises
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There are lots of great reasons to write about franchise ownership. For this article I’ll focus on five of the best reasons to own a franchise. See, a lot of people use real complicated franchise investigation procedures to ferret out the best and worst franchises. They even develop lists for th Read More
Did Albert Einstein really write about leadership coaching directly? No, but here’s where his inspiration can help all of us. One of the greatest creative thinkers in the world wrote a bit on many things, some of which can be applied to the practice of leadership coaching. Read More

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