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There are lots of approaches to leadership development, with most focused on developing the leadership abilities of individuals. You have your options – college courses, leadership development institutes, executive certificate programs, online training, coaching, the list goes on, and they are all Read More
As a franchise consultant (yes some also call me their franchise coach) I was talking with a franchise candidate the other day about her interest in owning a franchise. She was curious how she might “fit in” as a franchise owner. That led to a series of questions about her personality style, what Read More
Sure, as a leadership development professional I have my opinions about leader coach training and leadership training. Don’t get me wrong – I happen to think that there are quite a few valid leadership training programs on the market. Guess it depends on what you are searching for. Read More
I work with a number of clients who continually ask me – what’s next? Sort of reminds me of Bugs Bunny asking: “What’s Up Doc?” I usually respond with a question – seems fair since my clients are catching on that I’m the guy with questions. The question usually reflects the constancy of change i Read More
In my job placement business these days we see an increasing number of applicants who are facing a career in transition in their professional career. Their long-time job has disappeared, perhaps their employer went out of business, their job was deemed unnecessary with advances in technology, or p Read More
What? How could a leadership coach say something like that you say? It’s easy. Listen to small business owners complain about customers who barter them down to a price proposal that’s unprofitable. Work with a small business owner who can’t tell you what their sales were for last year – but sti Read More
Developing an effective position description involves the use of a position description form and can also use a factor evaluation system. Read More
Stories of workplace violence are not abating. This article and video describes what you can do to mitigate workplace violence and bullying. Read More
Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is used in organizations as a strategy to bring about continuous organizational change. It is a systematic approach for continually improving all processes that deliver products and services. These can be incremental improvement to processes over time or drama Read More
Yes, every business has a business communication process. More than likely it is a combination of formal and informal practices, procedures, and policies that have evolved over the life of the business. The process may be characterized as cohesive and aligned, or, it may be characterized as full Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!