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Team building efforts in business often vary dependent on the type of organization, the number of individuals in a team, as well as misunderstandings of the team concept. In this summation post I preview some fascinating team building tactics... Read More
OK. Some people get annoyed with process, some get annoyed with systems. Guess what? If that’s you – don’t read on. Franchising is most likely not in your future.

But if you can work within a system, follow a process, and let your ever brilliant penchant for meeting people, making decisions Read More
In my most recent post about franchise investigation procedures I mentioned that you would need to look at the business model, the business, and your own motivations and interests.

As the franchise coach I can honestly tell you that your motivations and interests are the primary perspective for Read More
Do we need managers to bring our businesses to growth and success in this new economy or do we need leaders who will work with their employees to create a vision for growth and success? Read More
We all need some inspiration to help our efforts to improve economic and business performance so I thought that these top ten tips from the leadership coach might help other business owners to focus on business and employee growth simultaneously. Hope you like them. Read More
Recently we developed a short webinar focused on franchising for veterans. The information contained within the webinar is presented so that veterans can incorporate this information into their franchise investigation procedures. There are a number of generation x millennials veterans and generat Read More
Results to our Human Resource Needs Survey are in. After reviewing volumes of responses we want to share with you some of the trends we see in 2012 in an interview with our owner, Warren Rutherford. Read More
I encounter a variety of people with a variety of reasons who want to buy a franchise. Most often people are motivated by a desire to move away from full time employment toward business ownership. This movement away is usually related to being “down-sized” from their former employ and a desire to Read More
In our job placement company we interview job applicants as job placement coaches every day either for specific employment or future employment. Read More
As the franchise coach for a number of clients I work with them to prepare a buying a franchise checklist. Included within the checklist is the review and analysis of franchise prices. Some clients seem to think that once they pay the franchise fee then they are clear to start getting a return on Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!