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So you've set up your online store and you're looking for ways to actively market yourself to increase your sales. Blogging? (You ask yourself) How the heck do those darn bloggers do it? Let’s find out.
First you need some traffic. Read More
So you’re getting a lot of engagement on your Facebook Page?
Ready to find out how to convert some of your Fans into buyers?
A Facebook Store is a super-simple way to import your products into a dedicated tab on your Facebook Page to promote your wares in an engaging way on Facebook. Read More
Sweepstakes have the potential to get you a lot of exposure, email addresses and NEW CUSTOMERS. How do you attract shoppers who arn't just looking for a freebie? Read More
Sears and Kmart have recently begun utilizing Paper.li to produce Daily Socials of customer-relevant content. Paper.li allows users to create online sources of curated content from the web. Both retailers pull in content from many different sources to create an interactive experience for visitors. Read More
There are only so many attributes to discuss when trying to market long-established products like Mentos and Skittles. Even when the scientific properties of a product are exhausted, the only thing to do is produce illogical vignettes of easily digestible content. Read More
Storify can be used to build posts using multiple content types, tell interactive stories, and create a fluent read with text and media content inter-spliced in a logical way. Read More
eing in an industry that’s reeling off of several years of extremely poor public relations, Ford is rebuilding its image in a big way with social media. Along with its Doug the Hand Puppet campaign, Ford has recently launched The Ford Story, a website that depicts the inner workings of Ford. Read More
A seemingly unlikely player for the Twitter-verse, Home Depot has built an amazing strategy for itself with enticing calls-to-action, great humanization of the handle, and conversations with other users. Read More
Taking a page from Pepsi’s playbook, Crate & Barrel is putting a spin on charitable giving by allowing fans to choose where the money is spent. This is creating great exposure for both organizations as it delivers sharable content, referrals, and an exponential amount of likes. Read More
The ‘build it and they will come mentality’ does not work in social media. To reach your customers you have to go where they are, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Mashable. Three simple steps will give you a blueprint for targeting your ideal customer and garnering their attention. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!