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You probably read many times how social networks changed our lives, provided us with a voice and made everyone a publisher but, millions of people and companies have joined social media since the early days. Do you already see a big problem for 2012? Noise. Read More
Before I proceed with this post and to avoid any misinterpretation, I will not be talking about your company's money vault. Other more qualified professionals can advise you how to manage your funds :) There are two vaults we need to open (or improve) in 2012 and more importantly, use wisely: Read More
The year is about to finish and again, we managed to accumulate another big pile of business cards. There are several solution to tackle that problem such as CRMs, business diaries, even card scanners. however, do you know what's missing to the latter? A smart integration with our LinkedIn contacts Read More
Last Sunday I visited the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Going to a museum is not necessarily the most engaging experience. Thankfully, I was wrong. Despite the small size of the facilities, it caught my eye how this museum managed to capture the audience's attention and retain it for longer at sp Read More
The roles of the writer, publisher and distributors are forever changing and intertwining in different ways where at least one thing is certain: If you are in this game you'd better adapt and reinvent. Read More
When it comes to events, you will realise that, for example, you have been booking the same stand at the same event for years (just because your company “has to be there”) and haven’t taken the time to assess the (new) event objectives. Then, you will need to come up with tactics that will impact t Read More
I recently decided that I was going to own a game console. Anyone that has been properly bombarded by marketing messages will probably tell that the fight in this field is betweek XBox (Microsoft), Play Station (Sony) and Wee (Nintendo). Naturally, my first task was to get informed about the differ Read More
In the past few months I decided not to talk about Twitter any more in short trainings. But Fred, I follow the official Twitter numbers and they have been clearly growing. Also more people seem to be using it. Well, that's one of the problems :) According to the audience, I prefer to focus on platf Read More
The location-based social network has recently celebrated 10 million users and also won the battle against Facebook Places, however loads of business are still trying to understand how to use it to their advantage (I don't blame them. It's not very straight forward. It's a matter of getting more cr Read More
By now, we're all familiar with the status updates bar implemented in our LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn made recently an imminent move: enabling status updates in company pages. Here's how you can activate the feature... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!