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Before you find time, think about funding and/or resources for this new initiative. Once you have this clear, here are 3 basic points that will help you build your business case and hopefully find that precious time... Read More

4 Social Media Tools For Property Managers

4 Social Media Tools For Property Managers - Avatar Posted by channelship under Social Media
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Last week I delivered a social media training for property managers. There were certain tools that generated a very positive impact. I'll share four with you today. Read More
Summary of Fred Destin's talk at Techhub Startup lifecycle: taking your company from idea to maturity. What we've learnt in just 90 minutes was gold dust. As a result, we've worked on the twenty main takeaways and a full video. Read More
By now, most of you acknowledged how important online video is. Its phenomenal growth is transforming companies and the way they interact with prospects and customers. However, there are a numerous amount of industries that haven't embraced it yet. One of those great opportunities lies in manufactu Read More
I recently finished Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition by Michael Stelzner. My verdict: Yes, go for it. Read More
Too many professionals see social media tools as this separate thing, as something that will make them magically win business and customers... Read More
How many times do we ring 0800 lines and while we battle through the 56 options provided, at some point we hear the glorious Your call is important to us... bla, bla bla? How many take this seriously? If you really mean it though, here're three basic steps: Read More
Yesterday I attended Dan Zarella’s “Science of Social Media” Webinar, where he demystified plenty of assumptions in social media marketing effectiveness.

Here are the 5 facts that surprised me the most. But before I continue, a couple of caveats: Read More
Even though a few rumors started on Friday, August 12thm, the big news hit on Monday 15th. Yes, Google boutht Motorola Mobility for approximately 12.5 Billion. From last Friday until today (almost five days) our social media monitoring software pulled 346,229 mentions (and counting) about the Googl Read More
When most professionals think about social media, brands like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Old Spice, Best Buy among others come up in their minds. It makes them believe that this is a B2C world... Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!