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What does your company do? and How can your products or services help customers? are two basic and crucial questions for any company. The way they decide to answer them will make a HUGE impact (positive or negative) in the short and long term... Read More
Brands and companies spend millions every year in a quest to achieve awareness and transactions. They do it basically by crafting campaign after campaign. Some of them will yield better results than others of course. Here's the BIG question (and problem) with the saviour campaign approach: Who is m Read More
There's a very simple way to build a listening platform in which you can keep track of all important conversations. All this can be done in less than ten minutes! I made this short video on how you can customise to make it work for you as a true listening station, ensuring that the ma Read More
A few weeks ago we shared a video with valuable tips on how to listen to your LinedkIn network, then we wrote about three deadly mistakes to avoid. Today it's time to unfold opportunities you've been missing on this phenomenal business platform..... Read More
Fear is the lone barrier almost every product and service has to overcome in order to succeed. I came up with a list of fears for our services that can hopefully inspire you to work on your own service offer. Read More

How To Use LinkedIn: 3 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid

How To Use LinkedIn: 3 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid - Avatar Posted by channelship under Social Media
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Made Hot by: Small Business Tribe on June 26, 2011 2:15 am
We strongly rely on LinkedIn for business networking. Two weeks ago we shared with you how to listen on LinkedIn, today we'd like to show you three heavy mistakes that professionals make on this platform. As a result, they get a negative impact on their reputation. Read More
By now, most of you know that LinkedIn is an indispensable business platform. Many people go the extra mile by using it to connect with professionals and stay in touch but, how many use LinkedIn as a listening tool? How many take the time to read and understand what's going on in their own business Read More

Blogging Is Dead.

Blogging Is Dead.  - Avatar Posted by channelship under Marketing
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Made Hot by: HomeBusinessMedia on June 6, 2011 9:29 pm
How many of you have heard the expression Blogging is Dead! It was first raised in answer to a question in ReadWriteWeb back in 2007 and has since been revisited in various news publications and blog posts on a yearly basis Read More
When companies aim for awareness they are mainly looking for attention: How can I get people to acknowledge my brand, product, service?. The problem with that approach is that it limits the view and results by having the company/ brand in the center or stage with as many people as possible watching Read More
What do professional mourners, Japanese best-men-for-hire and many companies have in common? What's wrong and what wolud be a better angle? Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
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