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In the video Jimmy shares: How he started and what he did do for a living before Wikipedia, Why his first two-year attempt failed, The uniqueness of Wikipedia, What can you learn about how Wikipedia is being used? My question: "Do you see an ad-supported Wikipedia in the future?" Read More
The power of a Like is so big that it was replicated in many other sites. It went even beyond social media platforms and now you can see Like buttons in almost every web page (Especially since now, what you “like” appears on your Facebook stream giving brands, stories and people more exposure) Fina Read More
Many things are scarce in this world but I’m sure that “attention” is one of the scarcest resources of all at the moment.
Brands and companies believe that this new online world is about more and more campaigns. It’s not. Really? Read More
Last year we brought you the first Free Social Media Summer Twist where we helped a few lucky companies by producing fresh, actionable social media ideas for them. This Year we are back with more free strategies, simply enter your details to be in with a chance to be selected Read More
Companies thinking about getting more exposure and views would certainly be interested in getting more people to subscribe to their channels and also increase the amount of repeated visits. Here's a video to achieve that... Read More
We read a lot of blogs here, not only to learn from others, but also in an effort visualise the patterns in other people's recurrent content and figure out their strategy. Read More
Some companies’ strategies rely, on a higher or lower level, on cold calling. Isn’t cold calling, real-time calling?
The problem: How many prospects listened to your sales rep finish the pitch and hopefully understood the value of your product or service? We know, very few... Read More
The new year is around the corner. It’s very important that besides reviewing your business metrics and goals, you also think about content. In other words, what kind of quality breadcrumbs will you share with your audience in 2011? Read More
During the week we invest a lot of time in our email inboxes but also meeting with people. The idea of this post is to share with you a few actions, including social media sites to maximise your efforts “before & after” each meeting Read More
There are thousands of blog posts out there covering social media strategies. Today I only want to focus on the idea of making things less about you and more “about them”. Hopefully these ingredients might encourage to spice up your upcoming social media strategies... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!