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Some of you might be looking for the magic formula so you can build a business case and go sell the social media plan to your boss, maybe the Head of Marketing, CEO, etc. You will realise then, that ROI is very tied to specific metrics that you must define before hand (otherwise, what are you measu Read More
Dublin City Enterprise Board and Channelship Web Agency will help you make your 2011 successful and remarkable by giving you the opportunity of getting a free video pitch of your business! Read More
When it comes to content, one main obstacle for companies is coming up with regular blog topics and posts that ultimatley deliver value. Check out how to tackle that problem in three easy steps!
characters. Most search engines use a maximum of 160 chars for the description. Read More
We are only 5 weeks away from Christmas (Yeah, I know, were did the year go?) and while doing grocery shopping last week, I wondered what supermarket is most talked about and also how were the others doing currently. I'm going to share with you (Supermarkets) two ways in which you can be remarkable Read More
You've been assigned the small responsibility of leading the company's web strategy and take over the world (maybe). The first thing before putting the team together is to find an ally, here are some ideas. Read More
Wagamama is a remarkable chain of noodle restaurants. I really love eating there. I must say, it's a unique experience. While eating there last Sunday, I came up with some ideas on how could the brand take a huge step, using social networks. I also checked their website and, to my surprise, realise Read More

Social Media for the Road Transport Industry

Social Media for the Road Transport Industry - Avatar Posted by channelship under Social Media
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In a previous life I worked in the transport business. It was an offline time in which the word Facebook could have only meant a truck full of yearbooks and Twitter a new brand of sport shoes or cereal. Here are some thoughts from a now outsider on how the industry could benefit from social media t Read More
When does your company start thinking about social media? Is it from the very beginning or at the end, applying a rubber stamp to the project? Have a look at a typical mechanisim and what could your business do differently... Read More
We recently saw something new on Facebook... and it's a BIG deal. We're not sure 100% about the limitations yet but we did some research and the reach looks pretty broad! Read More
Currently, people are making public (checking in) their location in social networking sites. It means that you, as a manager or business owner have a phenomenal chance to see who are those people that visited your Place, keep in touch with them and also, by having your company registed in these sit Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!