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Customer Centricity is a hot topic these days.  I get on my soapbox on Customer Focus, Customer Experience, How Buying Is Changing, and various aspects o Read More
Metrics are critical to managing sales performance. Yet too often, we put in place metrics that are not only meaningless, but misleading. What's the most used useless metric in sales Read More
Winning deals means you have demonstrated superior and differentiated value to the customer in their terms. Why do we insist on delivering generic value propositions? Read More
We don't have anything to pitch, but we need to meet with our customers. What do we talk to them about? We focus so much on pitching, we have not developed our skills in understanding the customer and their needs. How do we walk into customers with a blank pad of paper and a few questions. Read More
What if we changed the way we looked at Sales Productivity. Rather than focusing on sales related activities, let's look at non-sales related activities. It's likely we'll find tremendous time drains in those areas that can improve sales productivity. Read More
@gerhard20 declares: Ditch the pitch, We are in a conversation economy. The sales pitch is dead. I'd love to believe that, but let's look at some data..... Read More
Every sales manager conducts funnel or pipeline reviews, but few focus on using the review as a coaching opportunity. Read More
Many of our sales and marketing strategies fail because we have the wrong focus. We develop them from the perspective of our companies and needs. If we start with the customer and work back, we can be much more effective--and it's simpler! Read More
Don't have time to coach your sales people? Managers who are not coaching their people will not achieve the highest levels of performance---both with their team and for their organization. One of the most important aspects of the sales manager's job is to develop their people. Read More
How do we really create value in selling? Is it to scare our customers spitless? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!