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It’s yourself that you hurt when you make fundamental website mistakes. And one of the areas that people are tripping up the most is on the mobile web. This week, we’re going to kick off the series with the first of three critical mobile site mistakes.. The walkabout link. Read More
On the way to a birthday party, we found this out.. and that two slightly out of shape guys can’t quite get the pro basketball level “air” to be able to snap it with our phone. We were trying our best Michael Jordan impressions to read this QR code off a banner from the street, which was placed a g Read More
One of the criticisms of the tablet is that it’s not a content creation device. Well, over the past few months, I’ve found that supposition to be completely incorrect, especially with the coming of the iPad 2. Read More
A trend that has been growing is the online subscription service. From Basecamp for project management to Spotify (and others like Pandora and Rdio) for music and Adobe on the professional end for their tools, subscription offerings are taking hold.
But there’s a bigger play afoot. Read More
“Your assignment is ready, if you want it, in a week.”
That was over a decade ago, when my life hit a crossroads. I could either take a job in a TV newsroom in the director track, or an assignment was waiting for me to become a professional umpire.
Although I chose the media track, with twists an Read More
In its first year, Kiva, a non-profit microlending organization, helped fund a spinach farmer in Cambodia, a hot dog stand man in Nicaragua, a carpenter in Gaza, a bee keeper in Ghana, and a fish seller in Uganda. Behind each of these businesses lies a story. Now we can add Detroit stories to the m Read More
So I’m working on expunging the word “Fail” from my vocabulary starting this week.

It’s a “meme” as they say on the internet that needs to die, as it’s useless. The truly successful people I’ve met? They don’t revel in failure. Read More
Instead of yelling and screaming my disappointments, because I do love you, dear Hootsuite, I’m going to offer reasoned criticism because their last update highly disappointed me for the second time, and it’s not the content of the update but how they went about it. Read More
With a headline like that, you might think I’m going to tell some salacious tale of scandal, where your team is having completely inappropriate conversations and tearing your brand down left and right.
But I’m not. Because in general, they’re not.
The problem, however, is just as critical, if not Read More
We asked CEO Dan Gilbert about what is his advice is for those new to the city, what are the signs he sees for Detroit to rebound, and what is the value of locating or being in a core city center. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!