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When it comes to business success, it’s pretty simple — solve people’s problems or fill a need they might not even know they have.

Today we are focused on a widespread problem that affects individuals and society as a whole: The unhealthy fast food that is feeding America’s obesity epidemic. Read More
The Foursquare elections checkin map gave some very interesting data, and I’m glad they shared it – as it put Foursquare in perspective for me.

Here in Michigan, with a state as large as ours, we had 1713 checkins as of 11:30pm. At first, that sounds great.

But then let’s contrast that with a Read More
It used to be online interaction through social media was -only- an afterthought. To put four full-time folks on this is commitment of time and resources that shows that, in fact, they DO get it. They’re trying to make it work for them. They’re trying. They’re engaging. They’re doing it. Which is m Read More
I’ve often heard (and even thought) that if you build an exceptional web property/mobile app with a ton of users, advertising will be a sufficient revenue model. The fact is, (most) advertisers aren’t stupid. Traditional banners have lost a lot of their effectiveness. Here’s how Pandora is making it work Read More
In this 16-minute episode, we get into what are some of the benefits of Klout and also challenges – as well as way to use Klout and ways that maybe you shouldn’t. Not to mention, we ask why with some apps like Hootsuite why those scores aren’t in sync with the Klout scores on the Klout main site. Inside, you’ll also find a case study of how Virgin America used measuring influence to make solid decisions on reaching targeted influencers that are right for your vertical Read More
And then I realized – with the numerous members – the Funk Brothers aren’t just a band – but a small community that made some of the best music in American history together. Don’t forget, there were, depending on your standard, between 13 and over 70 funk brothers. What are the lessons your community (online or off – it’s the same in my book) can take away from the Funk Brothers Read More
Diversity works. As interested business leaders, it is our role to keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront of corporate strategy conversations at a time when, due to changes in the economy, decreasing or eliminating these efforts are often a cost-cutting measure. Yet this is the time to delve deeper into the diversity and inclusion conversation so that when the economy turns, and our business models and talent look a bit different, we are poised to maximize new revenue opportunities and our human capital. Diversity works, and we were reminded this week that we must be continuously working at it Read More
Most folks obviously can’t be bothered on Facebook, where supposedly we’re “friends” to take a minute to even include my name or even a perfunctory pleasantry. Why should I go? When I make recommendations to friends, “in real life,” I generally try to tell them why. If Facebook and these tools are an extension of that real life, why shouldn’t it be the same? Read More
So here’s the deal. The creative did capture attention. But there’s been a lot of debate on whether it has been successful. Some reports say a 7% drop, others say a 107% increase. There are various other bits I’ve seen all over the web, with everyone getting up some post on how brilliant or flawed the engagement was, or whatever one of thousands dissected viewpoints to get a few more eyeballs to their blog.

Here’s the reality. They’re almost all full of it. Read More
Ten years ago, Jay Shafer downsized to an 89-square-foot house and reinvented both his lifestyle and career in the process. He's also made a business designing + building little places for others, by teaching others through living that way himself Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
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