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Summer, holidays, or even a mid-winter escape are appealing times for some much-needed R&R or a change of scenery. However, when many employees take off at the same time, it can impede your business’ productivity. Read More
The most overlooked aspect of design almost always comes down to one thing: visual space. Also known as white space, margins, or even negative space, this can take on a number of appearances. Sometimes it’s in shapes and graphics, other times between text lines and characters.
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Have you ever started reading an article due to its controversial title, only to realize that the blog’s actual content supports the opposite stance? Read More
Joel and Katie Squires didn’t set out for careers in the culinary arts, but now they offer a delicious menu at Light Rail Cafe & Roaster in Winona Lake, IN. Read More
At this year’s I/O developer conference, Google previewed its future mobile operating system, temporarily being referred to as Android “L-release.” The release will overhaul the look of Android across platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and even Chrome and Google’s web services. Read More
If Jack writes ad copy, Jill runs social media, Joseph updates the website, Joanna emails the sales reps, and 23 other employees blog on a regular basis, you’re likely to fail at maintaining a unified voice. But fear not—you can prevent this from happening by being proactive! Read More
Composers have to make all the melodies and harmonies come together to create one beautiful song. Here's what business owners can learn from them. Read More
Before August 23, 2007, pressing shift+3 was usually a typo. Today, typing the pound symbol is no accident. The hashtag continues to change social media, the internet, and even the way we communicate. Here's a guide to using it! Read More
Eric Squires and St. Regis Club owner Dave Gustafson achieved long-time dreams when they opened Three Crowns Coffee, a gourmet coffee shop in Warsaw, IN. Read More

Blogging Influencers Gather at Alt Summit

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63 blogging thought-leaders, including Martha Stewart and Joy Cho, shared their expertise at this summer's Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!