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Book Production Tips To Save Your Bacon.

Book Production Tips To Save Your Bacon. - Avatar Posted by ira1942 under Products and Services
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Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires From Burning Books!

Don't let bad files ruin your whole day AND your book production. Here is how you too can prevent forest fires. :-)

Learn how to save your bacon and not get fried with these important book printing tips. Read More
Never Judge A Book By Its Cover? But Folks Do!

Learn how your cover can sell your book or kill the sale.

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The cover of the book is the ultimate marketing tool. It does not matter how much you market your book, if when folks have the co Read More

No other marketing tool can provide you with the opportunity to spread your message for a whole year!

#calendars #news #business #android #ipad #peopleschoice Read More
"A Fool And His Money Are Easily Parted." Are You Foolish When You Print?
Great tips on avoiding the mistakes during catalog printing that can "ruin your whole day." :-)

#books #news #business #android #ipad #peopleschoice Read More
Part 2 Of Guerilla Book Marketing
(With A Little Help From My Friends)

This post is a bit different in that it started as a follow up discussion on Book Story and as the commentary was so good and useful to others I decided to expand it to a blog post using most of the comments made.

#b Read More

Don't want to commit an "original sin" of having a poor foundation for your book or magazine production? Then Read On!

#books #duckdynasty #android #christmas #ipad Read More
The Seven Deadly Sins of Book Printing, an informative read about how you can overcome some of the pitfalls of book design & production. Read More

What Can A Guerilla Teach You About Book Marketing?

Answer: When the money is short you still can market your book effectively.

#books #marketing #business #news #android #ipad #Kindle Read More

If so, then let me help you by pointing out some of the biggest mistakes designers make in print production.

Learn What The "SEVEN DEADLY SINS" of Commercial Printing To Watch Out For Are. Read More
Branding Is Presentation and Not Just "Here Are My Materials"

One of the best ways to help brand your company image is through presentation with a pocket folder.

#branding #news #business #printing #folders

Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!