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The start of a new year is like waking up on the morning of the best day of your life. It’s a clean slate. Each year is a new beginning; brimming with ideas and opportunities. - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/diy-marketing-tips-2015/#sthash.9hW6q9qP.dpuf Read More
Tis the season to go marketing, fa la la la la … la la la la

Why do most love holiday marketing so much? Because it’s a great way to go into the New Year with more clients and more sales and at the same time, connect on a deeper level with your clients and potential clients.

- See more at: h Read More
In today’s #DIYMKT Tweet Chat we confronted the issues of connecting with customers. We all know it’s good to connect with customers, but actually doing it leaves most of us a little confused. - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/small-business-tips-for-connecting-with-customers/#sthash.3MlY84g2 Read More

Being Different Isn't Enough to Get You Chosen - DIY Marketers

Being Different Isn\'t Enough to Get You Chosen - DIY Marketers - http://diymarketers.com Avatar Posted by ivanastaylor under Marketing
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When in doubt about what to do with your marketing simple repeat “It’s all about getting chosen.” There is really only one question you have to ask yourself these days “What does my ideal customer need to see, smell, touch, taste, know and feel that will get them to choose me?” - See more at: http Read More
How many proposals do you write each month? How many turn into new business?

I stopped doing proposals about three months after starting my business. The whole experience was time-consuming, frustrating and just plain stupid.
- See more at: http://diymarketers.com/how-to-write-a-project-propo Read More
I read somewhere that the number one predictor of profitability was actually having profits as a goal. That seems obvious, yet many small businesses aren't that specific about what success is and hence, the goals they set often go unachieved. - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/how-to-define-su Read More
If you're one of the people who has recently lost a job you may be considering doing some freelancing while you look for a new position. And if you get busy enough - you may just discover that freelancing is a lot more fun and rewarding than going to "work." - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/ Read More
Are you so busy creating content for your blog that you're missing out on those simple things that can really make a difference in building your community? Take the next 30 minutes and do these things to better build a loyal following. - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/diy-task-list-small-but Read More
We held out first #DIYMKT tweet chat on Monday March 30, 2009 from 11:30am -12:30pm EST. I don’t know about the people attending, but I found it an amazing experience. - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/tweet-chat-summary-marketing-mavens-marketing-resources-marketing-ideas-revealed/#sthash.Z Read More
If you’ve been using Twitter lately, you may have noticed tweets with hashtags in them. They look something like this: #sbbuzz, #DIYMKTG, #brandchat, etc. Don’t be alarmed, there’s nothing wrong with your computer. - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/use-the-hashtag-for-tweet-up-tweet-chat-twi Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!