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A personal vision statement is a great way to sum up your dreams and ambition in life. It helps clarify what you want to achieve so that you would also understand what you need to do to achieve such vision. In addition to a personal vision, you also need a personal inventory so you could take a look... Read More
Not every businessman becomes successful. A lot of them actually fail. Some failures are worse than others. And still, some businessman found that they can rise up from failures and become successful. Not every businessman is the same. In fact, you would notice that Steve Jobs has a different style ... Read More
Corporate Social Responsibility starts with the leaders. Without the consent of the leaders, the CSR efforts of employees will fall short. So the leaders should show the example of commitment to CSR so that the employees will be motivated to follow through.The CSR strategy should be in line with the... Read More
Organizations and corporations all over the world are looking for ways to develop leaders and managers. This ensures a steady supply of top-level leaders and managers. Without such leadership development program in place, organizations will soon die out because of the lack of leaders that ensues.Con... Read More
Education is not just about teaching kids the basic knowledge they need through life, it can also be an opportunity for people to develop their leadership skills. After all, administrators and leaders in the classroom need to coordinate the efforts of the teachers and school staff, develop the leade... Read More
Do you ever wonder how great leaders transform the lives of the people around them? As they do so, these transformed people in turn transform the world in which they live. This results to great results in business and in non-profit sectors.Leadership qualities and skills are not given to us when we ... Read More
Transformational Leadership has become a buzzword in Leadership and Management literature in recent years. To successfully practice this kind of leadership, you need several leadership qualities. Some of these qualities seem to be automatically present in the great leaders of our time. But they cert... Read More
A personal vision statement is a powerful way to motivate yourself. It reminds you of the things you want to do and attain for yourself. There are times that we feel out of place. Read More
Bad leaders are common in the world. Sometimes they sit in government. At other times, they sit in the Board Room. Bad leaders are almost always vilified by history. People hate them and they leave behind a trail of destruction. Read More
Personal and Organizational Leadership that Transform Lives | Young leaders sometimes do not know where to start in developing their leadership skills. Too often, though, they do not have enough skills to seize the leadership opportunities that come their way.

At times, young people nee... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!