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Do you know of anyone who loves working for an authoritarian boss? No right? Unless you have masochistic officemate who loves getting hit by the authoritarian boss. Sometimes, you can sweat and be afraid when left in the same room with an authoritarian... Read More
Every leader knows the difficulty of getting others to work for you. Even your own workers sometimes don't want to work for you if you want them to. How much more if you are engaging some outside consultant or someone else to work for you? Read More
Non-governmental organizations usually take the lead provide youth development leadership. They seek to empower youth as they face the different issues in their lives and in the society. The world around us is changing in exponential ways. Read More
Being in school is a great thing-you learn about so many things, you meet new people-classmates and professors, you can join student associations and pursue your dreams. As you go through college, you may also engage in a student leadership program... Read More
Through youth leadership awards, the leadership efforts of exceptional young people are recognized, affirmed and brought to the public eye. Through these awards, the broader society comes to realize that young people have tremendous potentials. It is... Read More
Some leaders do not need much fanfare to show that they are in charge. It's enough that they have some authority and power and they work towards the accomplishment of their goals. However, there are insecure individuals and leaders who cannot help but... Read More
The process of youth leadership development takes time. But as you go through this process, you need to identify several character traits that youth leaders should have. These traits will then be integrated into the curriculum for the development of... Read More
We've all been there-meetings that are running in circles. We are left wondering why we ever agreed to attend that meeting. But we don't really have a choice. Read More
Youth leadership development needs to integrate additional character traits for young leaders. The following traits may be developed among young people as they strive to become better individuals and as community leaders. Read More
Bad leaders abound while good leaders seem to be in short supply these days. These bad leaders sometimes make our lives more entertaining and they give people a reason to talk about them behind their backs. Plus, they make a lot of mistakes. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!