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Whether you are using your blog to promote your business as a whole, or you want to monetize your blog at some point, it is vital that you invest time, energy, and advertising dollars into your blog. However, you don’t just want to throw money here and there. It is important to know where you can g Read More
Here at WHSR, we’ve often studied just what it is that makes for an excellent blog post. Surprisingly, it is easy to define what makes for an excellent blog post and also easy to define what makes for a lousy one.

Jerry Low’s article “Good to Great: How to Make a Good Blog Post Great” offers som Read More
Here's How to Make Money Blogging (for real)! The Facebook edition.

We did major content overhaul on existing post by adding in a lot lot more tips, facts and strategies.

This post is re-published in Facebook and driving our page a lot of REAL traffic.

We are happy to share with the com Read More
If you’re struggling to maintain a presence on every social media site out there for your B2B business, you’re wasting your time.

Likely, your audience is concentrated on one or two sites, and the others are just extra work for you.

By focusing your efforts on the following social channels, Read More
Landing pages are a powerful tool to help you reach your blogging goals:

1) Want more email subscribers? Landing pages can help skyrocket those signups.
2) Want to sell more products or services? Landing pages can boost your income.
3) Want to get more leads? With good landing pages, you’ll ha Read More
There’s an incredible amount of content out there telling you how to promote your ecommerce store online, but there’s less about how to market it offline. And the fact is: you need both. The more places you’re marketing your business, the more business you’ll get!

If you’re not using any and al Read More
According to Robert Clay, only 2% of prospects will ever buy at the first meeting, which means that our first encounter with someone shouldn’t just be about you.

A customer will want to learn more about you before they trust you with their credit card information.

There is another way to st Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!