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How to Meet Deadlines and Keep Stakeholders Happy

How to Meet Deadlines and Keep Stakeholders Happy  - Avatar Posted by joannw2016 under Self-Development
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Have you ever had a project which never seems to end? One which you either underestimated or kept adding tasks to as you went along?

That’s exactly what setting out your project scope will prevent. Read More
It feels like certain areas of tech are booming at the moment.

Everyone and their nan seem to be incorporating the blockchain into their startup pitches, voice interface devices are sweeping the globe, and chatbots are popping up left right and center. Read More
Apps live in an unforgiving world.

Users rarely download new apps, and when they do, abandonment is high. And using research to get to the bottom of what makes users come back isn’t so simple—users don’t always know what they want. Read More
As we build businesses, we strive to make them successful in what they do and efficient in the way they carry that out.

Six Sigma is framework with dual American and Japanese origins which helps companies achieve both of these aims. Read More
P-Values, or probability values, help us understand the statistical significance of a finding. The P-Value is used to test the likely validity of the null hypothesis. If the null hypothesis is considered improbable according to the P-Value, then that leads us to believe that the alternative hypothe Read More
One of the benefits of targeting this huge and growing market is that the Appstore and PlayStore are largely closed ecosystems. You can promote your apps directly to potential users in the one marketplace they are using to access apps. Read More
Cloud technology encrypts transmitted and stored data, which makes it harder for hackers to obtain it without your knowledge. Can your in-house system do that? So, if you are wondering if using cloud technology is safe, the answer is yes. And here are three reasons why.
Read More
It’s one thing to identify errors or weaknesses in your business, but it’s another to actually fix and improve them.

The crucial step in fixing an error is deciding the right solution to implement. Pick the wrong one and you create a different problem. Read More
Inefficient workflows cost most businesses 30% of their yearly revenue. Learn how to take that back by using these automation examples. Read More
Wondering how you can make your employee onboarding process easier? Here are the 5 steps you need to take to improve your employee onboarding process!

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!