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VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is almost always capable of saving you money as compared with older, legacy phone systems. That’s because providers make use of cloud-based technologies with large-scale efficiencies to bring VoIP costs down for customers.
Yet like a lot of information techno Read More
If you peeked behind the curtains of the average self-employed entrepreneur’s office windows, what would you see? A pajama-clad couch potato eating Fruit Loops and watching cartoons while pricing flights to Fiji, or a stressed-out dynamo simultaneously juggling three conference calls, answering ema Read More
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a resource to raise awareness about the vital role cybersecurity plays for the 32+ million small businesses in the US.
This effort was part of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) in October, which has been recognized every month since Read More
A robust content promotion strategy has become a non-negotiable element of a successful content marketing plan.
Simply throwing your articles out into the social jungle doesn’t yield much. Go ahead, pop on over to Twitter or Facebook and search for the terms you’re targeting. It’s a wasteland of c Read More
Speed, cost, and seasonal increase in volume are the biggest holiday shopping season pain points for retailers.
This according to a new survey by Simplr, which looked at the pulse of small-medium sized e-commerce retailers handling customer service inquiries to determine how businesses were gettin Read More

What a Wonderful Cake! [podcast]

 What a Wonderful Cake! [podcast] - Avatar Posted by lyceum under Self-Development
From 4 days ago
Made Hot by: NolanGreen on November 13, 2018 10:00 am
Today Carina and Martin are talking about the presentation techniques cake. A cake with eight yummy pieces. Each piece will help you with your presentation. Go ahead and take a bite.

The first piece of this cake is about how your breath can help you, if you get nervous when you are standing in f Read More
How do I communicate with tea amateurs (“lovers of things“) drinkers, enthusiasts, and experts? I have been contemplating on this issue for a bit, and it triggered me to start a new podcast, The Perfect Cuppa – Tea Sketches, and to do a shout-out to fellow authors, podcasters, and tea drinkers: ... Read More
This solo episode is a shout-out to fellow authors, podcasters, and tea drinkers! A comment on my first book on tea, “knocked” me down for a bit. I am back up now, contemplating on how I will find the “first, ten” and the smallest viable audience. Read More
You’d be hard pressed to convince any small business owner like yourself that the U.S. is in a trade war.
If the economic numbers are any indication, there’s a good chance you’re reading this and things are going well for you. At the very least, they’re probably better than they were. And feeling Read More
The holiday season is fast approaching — but Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Day aren’t the only holidays this time of year. Just about every day of the year has been named an official “something” day, from Bacon Day to Visit the Zoo Day. (Check out these days of the year calendars to s Read More
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