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The economically-priced hotel chain Rodeway Inn just won the title of the hotel with best WiFi in 2019. Research compiled by Highspeed Internet found Rodeway Inn possesses the fastest free WiFi speeds for guests at 7.66Mbps. This research used data from to calculate average WiFi s Read More

Your Business Should Have These 3 Types of Marketing Videos

Your Business Should Have These 3 Types of Marketing Videos - Avatar Posted by lyceum under Marketing
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Every business needs to start using video in their marketing.
Video humanizes and personalizes your brand. This is all part of building your personal brand, or as I write in my book “Celebrity CEO” (coming out April 2019), it’s an important part of the process of getting attention and educating yo Read More
Insurance franchises offer opportunities for small business owners with previous sales or finance experience. And these companies provide expert help along the way. So their guidance helps your business constantly grow. Read More
A sales commission rate is a percentage of the sales your small business pays to the employee who made them. Here’s an example. If your small business sets a commission rate of 5% and an individual on the sales team makes $70,000 in net sales, the formula works like this:
$70,000 (net sales) x 5% Read More
Americans spent more money than the combined GDP of 39 countries on their pets in 2018, which was a whopping $72 billion. With such a big market, it is easy to see the big opportunities in the business of all things canine.
A new infographic presented by TruDog and developed by NowSourcing titled, Read More
In an emailed notice, Meemim said their platform will be retired at the end of February 2019. This will give existing clients a grace period of about a month to find an alternative knowledge management solution as well as migrate their data.
Meemim said customers will have to move the data between Read More
Unicorn marketers are rare — so rare that I’ve only come across a few in the wild.
Some of these unicorn marketers were consultants.
Some were part of an in-house marketing team.
A few of them were marketing executives. Read More

This Small Business May Be Old School

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I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my wife is a teacher. And every year more or less around this time she starts up her class store.
It’s a good way to motivate the kids and teach them about money and saving. There’s a few good items — some LEGO minifigs, stickers, colored pens — but honestly mos Read More
If you are looking for a new location to open a restaurant or branch out, a report released by Bid-on-Equipment has the data so you can make an informed decision.
The company analyzed 236 cities across the U.S including the 150 most populous cities to come up with the top 50 locations for opening Read More
Are you using a voice assistant in your daily small business operations yet?
These are devices that use the “Hey Google” Assistant app or Amazon Alexa or Siri.
Amazon Alexa devices were among the hottest selling items last holiday season so it stands to reason that your answer is yes more often t Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!