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Email has developed a bad-boy reputation as a blanket direct marketing method. The 'spray and pray' approach to business acquisition has resulted in customers opting out in their droves and the proliferation of anti-email technologies.

Let's face it – email marketing has become more difficult an Read More
There's no denying the rise of YouTube. The site experiences in excess of two billion views a day, 24 hours of content is uploaded every minute and the average person uses it for 15 minutes of their day. And all this just five years after its conception. Read More
A new Facebook application allowing people to sign up for a business' newsletter has been launched by eCircle. Read More
Which business brand do you think is worthy of the title ‘B2B Brand of 2010’? Is it Google? Barclays? Deloitte? Or another organisation altogether? Now’s your chance to nominate a brand which you feel has excelled in 2010... Read More

The future of the internet isn't mobile...

The future of the internet isn't mobile... - Avatar Posted by marketingb2b under Online Marketing
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...But surely it must be? With 230,000 iOS devices and 200,000 Android devices activated every day how can it be anything else? Even Facebook is building a phone.

The near-future of the internet is mobile, but as B2B marketers we must be aware of how internet usage is changing in the long-term, Read More
Over the years, a growing divide and disconnect has been felt between the sales and marketing functions in many organisations. Neither has taken the time to fully understand the needs and requirements of the other, resulting at best in a breakdown of communication and at worse a complete disregard Read More
The notion of 'single customer view' (SCV) has been at the forefront of financial institutions' minds as the deadline to comply with the Financial Services Authority's (FSA) Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) approaches. Read More
I know clients have to choose an agency some how, but is it just me, or is the old fashioned pitch process about the worst way of doing it? Agencies are put through a beauty parade which might be a good showcase for creative, but has very little to do with the day to day of actually getting the job Read More
The launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab has heralded the official creation of a new market, or the evolution into a real market of one that never really took off. Tablet computers have been around for a while, but they are basically a laptop with a dual interface and certainly don't provide the po Read More

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