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In life when things aren’t going right, stop, pause and look within. If this is your problem is business then start with your brand because it is an important aspect of enterprise creation.

Your brand name is the first point of call between you and your customers and this is why brands wield Read More
The Entrepreneur Spotlight for June is on Radhika and Madhvi Khaitan, the ladies behind Workshop Q, an innovative “green” brand that has positioned itself as a pioneer in upcycling waste. Read More
It takes a lot of hard work to become a successful entrepreneur and this holds true in case of managing a custom made business. Here a few important questions you need to ask yourself to determine whether you are ready to become a custom made business owner Read More
My blog TheOneOfAKindPreneur will complete 100 days on 5th June this year. In a run up to this personal landmark I will be taking a look at how this journey began, releasing a free e-book and launching some new programs. This post about the television show that inspired me to launch my blog. Read More
Why would anyone want to drive customers away or even want to know what you can do to drive them away? Well I’m not saying that business owners do anything to drive customers away consciously or deliberately but yes…many of them do things that have the same consequence…whether consciously or uncons Read More
My blog was born out of my fascination with custom made products and services. I believe one of a kind products are the ultimate form of indulgence and they also help you stand out in a crowd. Here is a guide to custom made products in India, a list of 12 compiled just for you Read More
The general public often sees Etsy sellers as stay-at-home moms and retired dads who sell their knits and cedar hangars online. As these three small businesses—Partybots, Flytrap, and Kali— can demonsrate, however, Etsy is also a haven for quality custom businesses Read More
The importance of innovation in business as opposed to invention has been cited by many people for a very long time now. Not everyone can invent a new machine/product/technology but the ability to apply either or all of these in new and different ways is well dispersed in the human race.

A clo Read More
Setting up a business involves balancing your ability to invest with the projected return on investment. A business idea that’s relatively low on investment and has great potential is something that most business owners would regard as a lucrative business opportunity Read More
Through this week I’ve taken my readers through the 23 qualities that I believe set a custom made business owner apart. Today I wrap up this 5 part series with3 qualities that I feel can make or break any business, particularly a custom made business Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!