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It is likely that you, or someone working for you will need to interact with a web developer or web development firm. This interaction can sometimes be difficult because you may not know the right questions to ask, or how to request that specific work be completed. This article seeks to discuss how a small business owner can effectively interact Read More
The crowd pleasing fights at the end of each movie were never about the opponent, rather they were about Rocky taking control of his life despite overwhelming odds, and taking the initiative to personally overcome obstacles and maintain an unwavering belief in his ability to eventually succeed. These same traits can be applied, and are in fact ne Read More
The question that plagues many small businesses today is, "How to Use Twitter to Drive Business". The key is to use Twitter in a creative way that fulfills the following objectives, and by using a Twitter strategy called the F.A.V.E model... Read More
Working in a tall downtown building has afforded me the unique opportunity to observe and participate in the many odd, and sometimes annoying elevator behaviors that people typically display. While these are my observations, I feel confident that these are quite universal regardless of geographic location. Read More

Top 5 Reasons Family and Business Do Not Mix

Top 5 Reasons Family and Business Do Not Mix - Avatar Posted by modernbusiness under Products and Services
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I have constantly ignored the warnings of mixing business and family, hoping that somehow the new transaction would follow a different pattern. However, without fail the same challenges and issues ultimately occur which draw the transaction to a pre-mature conclusion. In this article, I have listed the Top 5 reasons why business and family do n Read More
Since 1991, several studies on the psychological and physical effects of the Music of Mozart have taken place through the studies of such researchers as Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis, Rauscher, Shaw, and Ky. These studies have found that listening to Mozart, as opposed to other forms of music, actually increase spatial reasoning (the ability to form and Read More
In the world of Web 2.0, there are many readily available assets on the Internet that you can leverage in order to simplify launching a business online. In fact, by following the steps below, anyone with a basic understanding of how to use a computer and the Internet should be able to launch their e-commerce business and be selling online in 8 ho Read More
This is not the first time in which U2 has “accidentally” let music from an upcoming album slip out prior to release. While this might indicate that in this digital age, it is very difficult for a high profile band like U2 to keep things under wrap, I think it would be quite short sided of us to dismiss the idea that it's possible that U2 has ado Read More

Work Smarter by Finding Your Circadian Rhythm

Work Smarter by Finding Your Circadian Rhythm - Avatar Posted by modernbusiness under Self-Development
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One way to be more effective and efficient at your work is to make sure that you are not only working, but working on the right things at the right times. Biochemical, physiological, and behavioral studies have shown us that the body operates in cycles. This rhythm has come to be known as the “circadian rhythm” (circadian literally translated fr Read More
Everyone from small businesses, to bloggers, to politicians, to Fortune 500 companies have realized the growing importance and potential of these channels of marketing. If history is any indicator of the future then, it is important for those looking to leverage this medium to analyze other people's successes in these areas. Below is a compilati Read More

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