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A crucial testing methodology, sanity testing, is considered a time-management tool in the software development life cycle (SDLC) that provides software acceptability for more thorough and rigorous testing. It is a quick test that helps save tester's precious time and efforts on examining defected Read More
A preliminary test performed over the initial build of the software, Smoke Testing verifies the stability & readiness of the build, to prevent system crashes and failure during further testing. It is termed as a build verification testing, as it is primarily used to reject software build(s) and dec Read More
Test Scenario and Test Condition are two aspects of STLC that define what and how will the process be executed. So, to understand the components that differentiate them from one another, read our article on the same. Read More
Make the most of our article on Test Process and effortlessly understand the various stages of the software testing process. Moreover, check out our following article for an overview of the same. Read More
When it comes to testing a software product, non-functional testing is considered to be a crucial part of the process. It consists of various important tests that identify various vulnerabilities of the software and help the team improve its quality. So, use our non-functional testing checklist and Read More
If you want to understand the differences between System, Functional, and Business Requirement Specification, check out our article on the same and get a detailed comparison of the three requirement specifications. Read More
Inspired by the smoke test performed to test a hardware circuit, smoke testing in the context of software testing, is performed to ensure whether the primary functionalities of the build or software are working properly. Since smoke testing is an integral part of STLC, it is crucial for the team to Read More
Need assistance in distinguishing White Box Testing from Gray & Black Box Testing? Well, check out our article 'White Box Testing vs. Gray Box Testing vs. Black Box Testing' and effortlessly understand the differences between these software testing techniques. Read More
Test Suite is also known as 'Validation Suite'. It is a collection of different types of test cases or it can be said as a container of test cases. It incorporates detailed information and goals for every test case with complete information of system configuration, at the time of testing. A test ca Read More
Performed before the software release, Alpha testing, is an on-site User Acceptance Testing that emulates the real-user environment through black-box & white-box testing approaches and ensures that the product performs and functions as per its intended functionality. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!