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Post Release Testing is the test performed after the release of the software product on the client site or in its intended or production environment or when the product has gone live. Read more... Read More
Code freeze is a popular technique adopted to fasten the delivery process by minimizing the total number of changes at the very end of the development process. Code freeze is a viable strategy if it is known that the software isn’t prone to many changes and the size of the software isn’t very huge. Read More
POS testing simply refers to the evaluation of a POS application or a system to ensure its acceptable level of quality in all essential domains such as reliability, security, recovery management, etc., so as to execute its operations, seamlessly without any interruption or breakdown. Read more... Read More
Structures Walkthrough is one of the strongest Quality Assurance (QA) action. It is an organized procedure for a group of peers to review and discuss the technical aspects of software development products. The major objective of a structured walkthrough is to find errors and to improve the quality Read More
Delta testing is a way to test a product by partially releasing it, that is, a software product is released on the completion of few modules. Delta testing comprises of a set of test cases that are expected to generate a result. Read more... Read More
The software release life cycle is a sum of different stages of development as well as maturity, that describe the stability of a piece of software and the amount of development it requires before the final release. Though a software release life cycle can vary from one project to another, generall Read More
Defect Leakage or Bug Leakage is an important aspect of software testing, that is used to calculate the total defects present in a software system, as well as to validate the testing team's testing efforts. Read more... Read More
Stubs and drivers are two such elements used in the software testing process, which act as a temporary replacement for a module. These are an integral part of the software testing process as well as general software development. Read more... Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!