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An integral part of STLC, Defect Severity, is used to calculate the impact a defect has on either the development or execution of any program. The features that make it crucial are:
Determine the efficiency of the testing process.
Increases the efficiency of bug tracking.
Identifies the aspects Read More
"Two important testing techniques, GUI Testing & Usability Testing, are usually misunderstood by testers and are used synonymously. Read More
Continuous testing is a process of testing in which automated tests are executed simultaneously with the software delivery process. It facilitates immediate feedbacks that are based on the business changes and mitigates risks before proceeding to the next stage of SDLC. Read More
With our article get an insight into the various components of Non-Functional #testing & understand its need in #STLC. #FunctionalTesting #NonfunctionalTesting #SoftwareTesting #QA #infographics #testers #softwaretest #nonfuncitonal #qualityassurance Read More
A non-functional form of testing, recovery testing is performed through forced failing the software in different ways, and then check how well the recovery has panned out. Read More
Static testing, which is a type of software testing methodology, is the verification of a software product, done in a static environment i.e. testing done without executing the code. Carried on by means of manual and automated reviews of documents, static testing enables early detection of defects Read More
Software Verification and Validation are two important topics in software testing that are highly misunderstood. Use this article to understand the significance of these two components and explore the differences between them Read More
The process of fixing issues in software is made easier for developers with the help of a Bug Report. Check out our infographic to learn how to create an effective Bug report, while understanding its significance, process, template, tools, etc. Read More
A bug life cycle traces the status of a bug from the time it is first found out till its eventual elimination by the testers. Read More
Performance testing is a crucial part of STLC, performed with the help of automated tools. These tools are used by software testers to test the performance and quality of a software application Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!