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Test Basis is a document or source of information that is required to develop test cases and used for test analysis. To learn more about Test Basis check out our #infographic.

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Build Verification Test (BVT) is a set of tests which is executed on every new software build to assess and verify its readiness to face off & undergo through more thorough & rigorous testing procedures.
Few of its important features are:
Executed on every new build.
Test cases are of shorter du Read More
In STLC, testing each component of the software as an individual entity is known as Isolation Testing. There are various benefits associated with this testing technique as it gives better and more fruitful results. Read More
Testers! Now understand the importance of concurrent testing, with the help of our #infographic and enusre the stability of your software product when it is accessed by multiple users, effectively Read More
White box testing is an important software testing method in which the internal structure and code of the product are evaluated, to ensure that no hidden errors impact its effectiveness and functioning. Read More
Black Box Testing is performed to validate the functionality of the software based on the specifications provided by the client before the commencement of the project. It involves various techniques such as:
Error Guessing
Graphical Approach to Testing
Equivalence Partitioning
Analysis of Bound Read More
Testers need to suspend various testing process using suspension and resumption criteria to fix defects that occur inappropriately. Follow the article to understand the importance of these criteria and fix the defects effortlessly. Read More
Requirements based testing is a type of testing approach which creates test cases and conditions based on the data obtained from requirements. Check out our complete article to learn how requirement testing helps in improving the quality of requirements asked of the software product. Read More
Bottom-up approach is a testing strategy in which the modules at the lower level are tested with higher modules until all the modules and aspects of the software are tested properly. Read More
Component, interface & integration testing, are important testing techniques in STLC, that are used to catch bugs & defects, during the initial stages of the development process.
Let's go through, each of these testing types, to visualize the differences, between them. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!