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From detecting defects, verifying functionality to performing quality analysis and helping software engineers get necessary information about the software product, the objectives for testing are numerous, some of which are listed by our experts. Read More
System Testing and Acceptance Testing, are forms of dynamic testing, used by the team to validate all the pre-defined requirements in the software product. To further understand the concepts of both System & Acceptance Testing, check out our detailed comparison of the two. Read More
One of the most preferred and widely used estimation techniques used in software engineering, Functional point analysis helps make an estimate of the software project, including functionality or function size of the software product. Read More
If you want to perform an estimation of your testing efforts in terms of budget, resources, and time, then test point analysis is the technique for you, which is specifically designed to estimate the black box testing efforts. Read More
From performing HTTP validations to including various content types like JSON, JSON HAL, etc.during testing, with our API Testing Checklist ensure the accuracy of your API Testing. Read More
Bug/Defect Triage is a part of the Software Testing Life Cycle that is slowly gaining momentum during Quality Assurance, as it enables the developers to analyze errors and find their appropriate solutions. For a further understanding of Defect Triage. Read More
Dynamic testing is a software testing process that is performed to check the functional behavior of the software and to verify its conformance with user expectations and requirements. With this article understand the significance of Beta testing along with its features, versions, process, types, ad Read More
Monkey Testing or Random Testing is used to test software applications by providing random inputs. It is an automated test that is conducted without any specific test in mind and is usually implemented as random, automated unit tests. It lists the system’s reliability and performance and prevents s Read More
Ad-hoc testing is an informal test that is performed randomly, without any plans or strategies, with the intention to break the software system. Compared to traditional testing, this is a beneficial test that helps the team to find a majority of defects, as it uses various innovative methods to tes Read More
A variant of software testing, regression testing seeks to detect and unravel new software bugs or issues in existing functional and non-functional areas of a system in the event of an upgrade, patches, configuration changes and any minor or major change(s) introduced in the system during bug-fixat Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!