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Brian Pember, Director of Customer Communications for UPS, shares how the company uses LinkedIn to narrowcast messages to targeted audiences, rather than broadcast to people who haven’t shown interest in a particular subject. Read More

You Can Motivate Your Staff And Yourself at the Same Time

You Can Motivate Your Staff And Yourself at the Same Time - Avatar Posted by sannwood under Management
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Pay it forward management goes a little something like this: I help you, and in return you help someone else. Imagine if this were to be applied in a business setting where everyone knows that, if you pay it forward, the business result can not only be incredible, but it can create incredible feeli Read More
One of Twitter’s trademark features is its 140 character limit. But is that about to change? A report from ReCode suggests the social media company is considering a product or feature allowing users to create longer-form content on the service. Read More
In the Toyota Production System, small, continuous improvements drive high quality of work and competitiveness. Today, Toyota shares this process with other organizations. The goal is to help them make great things happen. Toyota partnered with filmmakers to create a series of mini-documentary film Read More

Top 3 Apps for Content Curation

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Has your content marketing strategy hit a speed bump? Ready to up your content curation game? These top 3 apps can help. Read More
We need to truly disconnect from technology before we can recharge our body and mind and do things like get back in touch with our inner well of creativity. Truly disconnecting can improve your mood and boost your ability to concentrate and live in the moment. Here are some steps to help you set se Read More
Overall, the new LinkedIn campaign manager is much cleaner and more user-friendly. The ad creation wizard makes it fairly simple to choose which of your posts you’d like to promote and turn into an ad. The new campaign manager is a definite improvement to the advertiser interface. Let’s have a look Read More
Skype for Business is specifically optimized for use by businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. And Microsoft has been upgrading and improving the product, with additional upgrade plans in the works. It now offers business users some distinct benefits that the regular version of Sky Read More
FlyWine produces single-serve wines, but doesn’t do so in bulk. And it partners with different winemakers for each edition. So those looking for the convenience of single-serve wines can still enjoy the quality and variety they’ve come to expect. Read More
Bing now has 20 percent search market share, making it one of the largest search engines in the world. If you’re not paying attention to it yet then you should be, and this tool will help you find success. Here's how the Bing keyword tool works. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!