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Understand the Psychology of Customer Service. Here are some of the things to be learned by studying the human mind, behaviour, and its functions Read More
Starting a business is not such a big deal. But managing the process for a long time is the primary challenge for every small business or startup.So curious what are those challenges? do check here Read More
How live chat has intrigued more to do with the long-term automation of chat functions, and the future of chat bots. And a few of the stats below will show why:
There's a right way to chat, and a wrong way. Read More
Take a look at how to create a checkout experience that nudges online shoppers to actually buy what they put in their shopping carts. Read More
Low conversion rates are real turn offs and businesses are looking for those magical tricks to enhance the conversion rate. There are many ideas and tricks are used by the eCommerce players, but here, we will discuss the importance of the live chat option in eCommerce business and how it can improv Read More
Productivity depends on a successful sales strategy and a strong culture. Choosing the right sales tools can cheer your sales team up and boost results. Read more Read More
Since the turn of the millennium, the internet has increasingly democratized knowledge and empowered people to become protagonists of their own "channels" of communication. Through this evol Read More
When the centre of concern is the customers, why don't you think like a customer for a second? Bulls eye! Just walk a bit in their shoes and you would know. Ok. You have got customers. Now what next? Are your customer care representatives waiting to help them through everything? Is it possible for Read More
Sales and support are the two cornerstones of the growth for every business that runs on the earth. Learn how to align sales and support for a long term growth Read More
30% of global online consumers believe that a live chat session is far more informative than a mail. In short, it is one of best customer service too right now. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!