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Volvo does something very powerful here. The Volvo FMX is part of a new generation of commercial vehicles hitting the marketplace. Almost every truck manufacturer produces the same type of content. Read More

Social Media is Hard

Social Media is Hard  - Avatar Posted by shanegibson under Social Media
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Social media is hard. Success is hard. There comes a point in your business or life when you have to decide if you’re going to hangout by the water cooler with people who are also talking about why they can’t get ahead – or do the hard work that will make you a Linchpin in your office or in your in Read More
My thoughts on the US Government tapping into Facebook, Google, Email etc. I have always assumed that anything I post to the internet and any device I used to access the internet could be compromised by someone either hackers or big brother. (They could also be subpoenaed at any point and many ISP’ Read More
Infographics are powerful ways to demonstrate the power of social media and how it is evolving as a business tool. In fact they are visual testaments of the rising tide of truly social businesses and their success. These 10 social media infographics each focus on key statistics and strategies that Read More
Think of social media updates as musical notes. On their own they are just noise. When you put them on a music sheet and connect them they can create a symphony. Here’s a few principles and steps to apply when using this tool:

This is a guide, not a battle plan etched in stone. If a great story Read More
One of the key challenges for any brand’s social media strategy is to create a sense of community and loyalty among its fans. Sometimes, that community already exists and the job of the social media leaders is to start engaging those people in new channels of communication. That’s what social media Read More

LinkedIn for Business (Video) Step-by-Step Tutorial

LinkedIn for Business (Video) Step-by-Step Tutorial  - Avatar Posted by shanegibson under Social Media
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LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for growing your business, increasing sales and retaining customers. It represents over 200 million professionals from including every Fortune 500 company and major government organization. Here at Socialized Communications we develop online learning modules to help Read More
Social Media ROI (Return on Investment), is supposedly a hard thing to prove or measure. The problem isn’t the value of social media, or in many cases our approach to getting results – it’s about commitment – a good old fashion work ethic and focus on the longterm.
Today’s social business podcast Read More
Here at Socialized we have worked with everyone from entertainment brands like Wizard World Comic Cons to DTM Systems and many other organizations helping them market and amplify their events using social media. We were able to take one event and generate over 50 million online impressions from 500 Read More
This week I had the great opportunity to interview Danny Brown on his new book co-authored with Sam Fiorella called Influence Marketing. Danny in my opinion is a Thought Leaders’ Though Leader – an awesome no BS resource for what really works in social media marketing.
The book launched yesterday Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!