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Today’s podcast is on the connection between serendipity and discipline as well as the connection between training and intuition. I’m also going to talk about why very few people experience high levels of positive serendipity or tap into their intuition because they quit too soon. I’d love your feedback and thoughts on this topic. This applies to social media, sales, traditional marketing and eve Read More
“Leading and collaborating with stakeholders and employees in a hyper connected marketplace.” With employees, customers and stakeholders equipped with technology that allows for mass collaboration and rapid communication we as leaders need to understand how to harness this technology and the crowds we are connected to. Today's workplace is n Read More
Jay Levinson and I put our heads together and came up with “The 10 Personality traits of a Guerrilla Social Media Marketer” they will be part of a program we're developing together. I thought I would give you a sneak peek into these traits and the Guerrilla way: 1. Immune to hype: There is a lot of hype around social media. The Guerr Read More
Every few weeks I take a collection of my most popular social media Tweets (Twitter updates) and archive them on my blog for people who missed them or are not yet on Twitter. Here's a collection of 25 tips, thoughts, and trends from the past 10 days. Enjoy! 1. Social Media Thought: Not listening to your customer = Brandicide (Brand Homicide Read More
Listening is a core part of all strategy, military, personal relationships, sales and social media. Observing your competitors before forming strategy and taking action, or listening to your customer for the purpose of engagement, rapport and opportunity seeking. It all starts with listening. In marketing, as in battle it is often one bold strok Read More
I was recently asked to summarize the what marketers must know about social media marketing by Jay Levinson. I was about to answer him when he added a stipulation in, in 3 points, only 3 summarize what marketers must know about social media. I thought I would share with you what I shared with him: 1. It's a conversation — As marketers in the Read More
Social Media Engagement There's a lot of talk about being engaged. In particular in social media we talk about engagement as one of the key benchmarks of being a successful brand, marketer, blogger or personality online. Today's podcast is on what engagement is about. Here's a short list of what engagement is: 1. Complete listening, not Read More
Yes I have consumed the social media Kool-Aid. In fact I have opened my own roadside stand. Social media is an exciting disruptive technology. But the ride is almost over, the hype will die down after everyone has found everyone on Facebook and when even our dog has a blog. Marketers and the community at large will ask “Now What?” Social medi Read More
19 Social Media Tips Under 140 Characters Here are a selection of Tweets (Twitter Updates) I recently shared on Twitter (via @shanegibson). I've put them all in one place as a brief social media tip digest. Social Media Tips: 1. Unique, brief sound bytes produced consistently can yield great results. 2. Once in a while ask your FB an Read More
Social Media Marketing Colombia Interview I'm doing a keynote seminar on Implementing and Integrating Social Media in Bogota Colombia for a marketing congress on September 27th. As a professional speaker this is one of my favorite parts of the job, getting to share my ideas and passions with people from all over the world. The seminar company Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!