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I have a challenge for you….first, I’d like you to check our list of resolutions for customer success managers. Second part of the challenge, is making this list a company-wide goal. Third part of the challenge is reporting on progress. Tell us what successful moves you made to get closer to you go Read More
Software makes us smarter, better, faster and extends our abilities way beyond our human boundaries. But with every new piece of software we deal with we have to go through an extensive learning process.

We want to close the knowledge gap between humans and machines and allow humans to operate a Read More
A list of the most successful CX, customer success and product management articles of 2017 with behind the scene insights and thoughts. Read More
Customer Success Elements that shape the customer experience in the era of Digital Transformation.

A company’s reputation is no longer constrained to paid advertisements and word-of-mouth traffic. With limitless outlets that enable the public to voice their opinions on websites, blogs, social me Read More

Why Star Wars Is An Epic Example Of Great Content Marketing

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Why product and and content need to be aligned and how to make sure that your content is an organic extension of your product. Read More
The 12 Necessary Traits For A Successful User Onboarding Process… With A Holiday Twist!
How can a company implement warm holiday gestures into their core values and onboarding processes?
User Onboarding is quite similar to hosting a holiday party. The host, like a company onboarding a new client, Read More
A list of top tactics sure to boost customer success and retention

CX ideas and tactics to implement in a solid customer success program. How to align your customer success strategy with sales, marketing, product and business development to create an overall smooth customer experience and desig Read More
Onboarding is a vital interaction between the user and the product. It is one of the first touch points for the user in the process of adopting the product. Onboarding also provides an opportunity for the product to create an endearing impression on the user so that she/he may come back and explore Read More
In the current business environment, information and data separate winners from losers, fast-movers from snoozers.

The key to success is connected to the metrics we track, how we manage to analyze and make sense of them, how we actually go from data analysis to creating an actionable plan. Read More
This article deals with the third road that some companies take where they do business with various government departments, institutions, agencies, and organizations. This is the business-to-government sector and this article will provide a number of reasons as to why companies that operate in the Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!