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The problem with software adoption is connected to the knowledge transfer cycle and can affect both a) software vendors directly or b) implementation teams and instructional designers who introduce a new application. Read More
Given that 76% of millennials believe that professional development opportunities are one of the most important elements of company culture, it is not a surprise that modern companies have shown more interest in staff training and internal employee development. Read More
Customer Experience and Customer Success. Are they one in the same or are they two separate issues you need to tackle?

To better explain, let’s think back to 1971, when the first Starbucks opened in Seattle. At this point in time, Apollo 14 was launched to the moon, bell bottoms were storming th Read More
Why the user experience in enterprise applications often sucks and what you can do to immediately overcome the problem.

When it comes to UI and UX design, we tend to rely on particular patterns which are most likely to be intuitive and recognizable, to make sure that users can quickly find their Read More
“Initial purchase decisions are based on hope. Renewal decisions are based on experience.“

Renewals and Retention go hand in hand, but it is important to understand that you can’t have one without the other.

In the SaaS industry, a renewal is where the customer actively renews their contract Read More
Some innovation needs to be aimed at improving processes, efficiency, and profitability. But when it comes to digital transformation, changes must revolve around human beings and their expectations.

Let’s go through a quick overview of the steps that companies need to go through in order to star Read More
Digitalization in the workplace has directly influenced the employee onboarding experience. In order to unify communications across different business units and to ensure a positive onboarding experience during an expansion, it is necessary to deploy a employee training software to present standard Read More
Executing a solid software implementation plan doesn’t necessarily need to be a nightmare. But it often turns out being a quite stressful process that requires careful planning, and auditing for quality assurance. Read More
The early days of Agile Adoption are behind us, as the Agile approach to software development has become the norm instead of an exception. One does not have to look beyond the Project Management Institute’s annual Pulse of the Profession® global survey of project management practitioners to see thi Read More
A comprehensive list of the top change management software tools and suites that will help you drive digital transformation.

Change management software allows companies to manage, monitor, and optimize the change management process in their organizations.

Such process involves several differe Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!