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This article deals with the third road that some companies take where they do business with various government departments, institutions, agencies, and organizations. This is the business-to-government sector and this article will provide a number of reasons as to why companies that operate in the Read More
Needless to say, customer acquisition is one of the most critical factors that determine SaaS growth. So if you want to grow your SaaS business, you have to understand how you are attracting and converting visitors into customers.

For sustainable SaaS growth, you need to look at: 1) Customer acq Read More
Eliminating silos present in the Customer Experience is a persistent issue companies confront when having independent departments functioning under the same roof. These separate departments have different goals, priorities and even use different tools to accomplish tasks.

This is called the Silo Read More
Customer Success and Customer Experience Conferences in 2018:
50+must-attend CX, Customer Service and Customer Success conferences Read More
In the technology industry, some of the biggest elements that can hurts customer experience — and by that I mean B2B and B2C customers — are overly-complicated product design. You have probably bought something, opened up the box from Amazon, and looked at it like “Where do I begin or how to connec Read More
User Onboarding, in a way, is making sure that your users know everything you know about your product and the problem you tackle with it.

Since you can never stop selling your solution, even to existing customers, onboarding is actually an ongoing process that basically never stops and simply tu Read More
The user interface is the core link in human-machine interaction. The UI creates the basis for a great experience but can only provide a generic structure that incorporates some form of basic orientation.

No matter how simple the interface is, when a user doesn’t (or can’t) bring him or herself Read More
The secret to a steady growth is securing a solid and loyal customer base that constantly contributes to the MRR by a) successfully working with your product for a long time and b) through referrals.

Increasing trial to paid conversion and customer retention rates should be the primary mission o Read More
Customer Success. It sounds great. I mean, it definitely has a nice ring to it. But, what does it really mean? I’d say it’s obvious every company should want to secure the success of their customer base- a company simply can’t survive without happy customers. However, to many people (ahem… me!) thi Read More
A hands-on troubleshooting guide for customer success managers.

he idea behind our guide is simple. When you buy a new device, you can often find a troubleshooting guide at the end of the handbook that comes with it. A sort of list of common errors linked to possible causes and solutions.

We Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!