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10 Must-Avoid Phrases for Your Homepage

10 Must-Avoid Phrases for Your Homepage  - Avatar Posted by tabithajeannaylor under Marketing
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Cliché marketing terms are everywhere. While many copywriters use these with all the best intentions, when copy is published, it only looks like the same ‘ole thing to visitors who have heard it over, and over…and over again. When it comes to marketing terms and words there are just some terms, phr Read More
If you offered various versions of the same products, you would obviously know which one was selling the best. If there were a way you could gauge how well your website was doing based on another version of it, there’s no doubt you’d incorporate it as part of your success strategy. Read More
Have you ever ended up on a landing page only to leave with absolutely no idea what the page was about? The page failed to create a clear message, leaving you confused and a bit frustrated that you were unable to find what you needed. Chances are you didn’t stay on this page long and likely went st Read More
Businesses of every type of size have one thing in common: they must market consistently if they wish to gain new customers and grow. Search giant Google offers one of the best ways to market a business – regardless of its industry or size. The world of marketing was changed forever at the turn of Read More
By nature, digital marketing is a strange beast that’s always changing. As soon as you think you’ve conquered marketing online, along comes another trend that prompts you to change gears yet again. The good news is that there are experts out there who make it their business to inform the rest of us Read More
While there have been some recent improvements to the economy, most retailers today are dropping their prices in a bid to improve upon their sales numbers. Even though consumers have enjoyed paying far less for gasoline thus far this year, overall consumer confidence in the economy is shaky at best Read More
You’ve worked hard to build your website. You keep your content current and credible and as a result, you’re seeing an upswing in traffic. Then, out of the blue, traffic takes a nosedive. And when you start to investigate, you realize why: your site has been hacked! Visitors may find that there’s Read More
Summertime is when most of us try to slow down the pace a bit so we can get outdoors and enjoy all types of activities that make summertime special. This is when people take their big vacations they’ve planned all year and when attending barbeques and other outdoor social events is a top priority. Read More
Even though online marketing is front and center today, it still pays to market your business offline. Offline marketing is far from obsolete and in fact, it’s one of the best ways to help ensure your message gets across to your target market. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your off Read More
Driving sales is the backbone of your business because without sales, you’d be out of business fast. But being successful at sales is not a talent most people are born with as you need to learn the best ways of convincing consumers to buy from you. Here are four habits the most successful salespeop Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!