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When looking for ERP software for manufacturers, your main concern isn’t about finding possible solutions to make your operations more efficient. There are plenty of vendors for this type of software, so they’re not exactly hard to find. The challenge is to find a suite of applications that is expr Read More
Resource management is the process of planning resources to reach their maximal efficiency. It’s the process that answers the ‘who is doing what and when’ question. But also the 'what is where' question. It’s allocating a task to Mike, it’s booking the meeting room or the piece of equipment or mach Read More
Even as you scour your CRM database spanking clean for potential deals, and still fall short of your revenue target, prospects may be right in front of you, ignored, their interest allowed to wither away. Ironic, yes, but that what happens when you fail to use live chat as a sales tool. Live chat i Read More
Did you know that live chat can be utilized for marketing, especially inbound marketing? If you have an established online marketing strategy and live chat isn’t part of that mix, you need to read this post on how live chat can help marketing. But first, let’s define the tasks of marketing vs. sale Read More
It all boils down to customer experience. No matter what sector your organization belongs to, your primary aim is to make your customer’s experience delightful. But that’s only possible if you are able to come up with a fruitful strategy. An effective customer experience strategy helps to retain yo Read More
How do you optimize conversion forms? Here are 7 best practices to do it. These are proven techniques and are distinct from creating an intuitive website conversion path, which, as should be pointed out, is your broader lead generation goal. Read More
If you’ve been thinking about ways you can develop customer trust without spending too much and overhauling your marketing campaigns, you might want to consider what changes you want to make. Whether you’re a new company or looking to readjust some of the relationships you have your clients, custom Read More
When the process of negotiation and settlement heats up in your personal injury case, make sure that you chalk out an effective strategy to get the best payment possible under your specific circumstances. Here are the top tips to aid you devise your strategy in this regard. Read More
The CEO just handed you down the revenue goal and you have to hit the goal by year end. Your confidence aside, is there a more systematic way to ensure you meet your target month to month and sustain growth? By knowing how many leads you need, not just in each month, but per stage in your sales fun Read More
Anyone in a SaaS business, or any other product or service-based business for that matter, is familiar with the huge deal closing an enterprise sales account. It’s a tremendous opportunity for the company to grow and expand their prospects. It produces an abundance of business to the company but it Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!