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After almost 17 years as a Home and Small business owner these are the "take aways" that have over the years helped me through the bad times and contributed towards my success. Read More
When first starting out, existing competitors or even other “new kids on the block” can be intimidating and quite often, as small business owners, we take our eye off the ball and begin to be a follower rather than a leader. Read More
Many small business startups fail because of lack of detailed planning. Much of this planning can be done whilst still employed which not only reduces the financial burden but will contribute enormously to a hassle free launch. Read More
Personal bad habits can most certainly affect your business. Business owners need to identify what mannerisms, habits or personal quirks are perhaps driving customers away. Read More

Cash flow is King, or Queen

Cash flow is King, or Queen  - Avatar Posted by tonyp21 under Startups
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As a business owner, the pressure is on to get the business off the ground, breakeven as soon as possible and move into a positive cash flow very soon thereafter. Maintaining the cash flow in the black is a full time task for the entrepreneur. Read More
Motivating and inspiring young startup entrepreneurs is essential if it will help instil a feeling of self-achievement in them. Two videos 77 minutes in total length Read More
Looking at customer service from a somewhat more radical point of view. How should we respond to those customers who complain about our company or product? Read More
Is your small business successful? How do you Know? Here are 4 recommendations that will help in hitting the goals Read More
Meeting with your small business mentor for the first time can be extremely intimadating therefore it is imperatve that you are well prepared. Read More
Sometimes our best efforts as entrepreneurs are not obstructed by external forces, but by our own imperfections Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!